Parent Information 2021-2022

Union Christian Academy

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July 28, 2021


Dear Union Christian Academy Parents:


With the rise of Covid cases in our area, the school board has made the decision to cancel Parent Orientation.  This letter should cover the items that would have been discussed. 


School office hours for August 2 – 13 are 9:00 – 1:00.  Our first day of school is August 16. 


School hours are 7:30 – 3:00.  A student is considered tardy at 7:35 or after the tardy bell in 7th – 12th grades.  Make sure your student is on-time.  Tardies affect learning for all students in the class.


Please refer to the enclosed 2021-2022 Student Handbook for the following changes or items that would have been discussed at Parent Orientation:

Page 4             Mission Statement

Page 8             Closed Campus

                        Senior Students will be allowed to go to Popeyes on Thursdays      

Page 9 & 10    Check-in/Check-out Policy

Page 10           Grievances (Matthew 18 Principle)

Page 11           Cell Phones

Page 11 & 12  Dress Code

Page 13           After-School Care                              

At this time, we will not have an after-school care program.  It may be reinstated if the need increases.  If you need after-care, contact Kay Hicks.

Page 14           Absentee Policy                     

Page 14           Tardiness                                

Page 16 - 19    Discipline and Conduct

The root of a Christian walk resides in the discipline of the individual.  Administering discipline should be rooted in love.  Our past discipline policy was confusing for students, teachers, and parents.  We believe this new policy will be more effective.

The discipline policies in the handbook cover 7th-12th grades. 

PreK-6th will be handled by the teacher, administration, and parents.

Page 18           Honors

Page 20           Pupil Progression Policy

Page 22           Covid Policies – As of 7/28/2021 - (Subject to Change)

                        We will follow the CDC Guidelines.

Students will wear masks in the hallways and when social distancing cannot be achieved.

                        We will take temperature checks

                        We will continually clean

                        We will limit visitors

Students must bring water bottles.  They can be refilled with water at school.  We will not allow students to drink from water fountains.

Page 23           Parental Involvement and Cooperation Signature Page


Union Christian Academy does not discriminate in the administration of its admissions policies regarding color, race, or national origin.

General Information

  • Supply Lists are available in the school office or Wal-Mart.

  • Our school uses Renweb for student management.  If you need access or are having trouble with access, call Kimberly Harris at the school.

  • Lunches are $4.25/day or $21.25/week.  Bills go out every other Friday.  It is very important that you keep your lunch account paid up.  Our cafeteria workers prepare food for those students who have agreed to eat that day and have agreed to pay.

  • Contact Sharon Mashaw for tuition payments.  Post-dated checks for tuition are required.

  • 7th – 12th grade students will receive their schedule on the first day of school.  If you would like to make changes, please contact Kimberly Harris at the school.  


If you have any questions, call the school.  Please be in prayer for our school year. 


In Christ,

Union Christian Academy School Board

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