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Tuition Payment

UCA is providing a way to help everyone pay tuition on time.  Please, reach out to our business manager if you are unsure how much you owe.  You can mail in your payment to 110 W. Hill St., Farmerville, LA 71241.  OR you can use PayPal by clicking on the link below and entering the amount you owe in the summary window.  

ATTENTION:  You may use the PayPal option without having a PayPal account.  However, if you use a DEBIT OR CREDIT CARD please include a 4% processing fee (e.g. $18.80 processing fee for a $470.00 tuition payment = $488.80 total).  If you have a PayPal account there is no need to add a processing fee when using either your bank account or your PayPal Credit.

Please fill out the form below if you have any questions regarding tuition payment.

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