Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few FAQs.  We hope this will help as you consider enrolling your child/children in UCA.  Please feel free to call or come by the office so that we may further assist you.

01  How much will it cost?

See Tuition and Fees (Click Here)

02  What is the cut-off for students starting in Pre-K?

A student needs to be age 3 prior to September 30, and potty trained to enroll in our Pre-K3 program.  According to the State of Louisiana a student must be age 4 prior to September 30 to be able to enroll in our Pre-K4 program.

03  What is the average class size?

Pre-K thru 12 grade - 15

04  What is the uniform policy?

Pre-K thru 3rd grade - Purple polo with UCA logo and khaki shorts or pants or approved plaid skirt/jumper.

4th thru 6th grade - Purple polo with UCA logo and khaki shorts or pants or approved plaid skirt/jumper.

7th and 8th grade - Purple or gold polo with UCA logo and khaki shorts or pants or jeans.

9th thru 12th grade - Purple, gold or white polo with UCA logo and khaki shorts or pants or jeans.

**Every Friday, and approved Spirit Day, students can wear jeans and a UCA spirit shirt.

05  What if I don't live in Farmerville?

You're in good company!  Nearly 20% of our students don't live in Farmerville either.  Our students come from many different areas of Northeast Louisiana and Southern most parts of Arkansas, which include several different parishes.  We have/had students from West Monroe, Ruston, Jonesboro, Dubach, Strong, Junction City and more!

06  Are you affiliated with a church?

We are a independent private christian school that is not affiliated with any specific church or denomination.  However, as our name suggests, we are grounded by Christian principles, and we embrace this as a standard of excellence by which we should guide and live.  This includes daily prayer over the intercom and before events; weekly chapel attendance by all students and teachers, and recognition and celebration of the Christmas and Easter holidays.

07  What curriculum do you use?

08  What is a shadow day?

A shadow day includes students of school age that is interested in attending UCA.  It is an opportunity for your child/children to attend classes at UCA for all or any part of the day.  They will be paired with a "buddy" that will show them around, introduce them to new friends and give them a sense of what it's like to be a UCA Lion!  This visit can be scheduled through our office.  318-368-8890

09  Do you have any type of extended care program?

Yes, we have aftercare.  Aftercare is $3 and hour and is from 3:00pm - 6:00pm every school day.  Aftercare is also provided on half school days.  Students are able to purchase or bring their own snacks during that time.

Call the office for more information.  318-368-8890

10  Do I have to be a member of a certain church for my children to attend UCA?

No, UCA families represent a wide variety of churches and denominations.  Though we encourage all of our families to attend church.

11  When do athletics start, at what grade?

We have PeeWee sports that begin, under the direction of a coach, in the 3rd grade.  Which include Basketball, Baseball and Softball.

12  What is your sports classification?

We compete in the Class A of MAIS.

13  Can my child play sports immediately once we enroll?

Yes, if your child/children enroll before school starts.  If your child/children enrolls after school starts then their is a 5 day waiting period before they can play.

14  What foreign languages do you offer?

We offer Spanish as a foreign language.

15  In which grade does foreign language begin?

10th grade

16  Do you have a bus?

The Union Parish School District assists UCA with student transportation in Union Parish only.  Any students outside of Union Parish will need to be provided with other transportation to get to and from school.

17  What is your Student to Teacher ratio?


18  What is the average class size?


19  What percentage of your Teachers have Advanced Degrees?


20  How many students are enrolled in UCA?


21  Does our family have to pay tuition costs up front?

We have several different options for our families, once you reach an agreement for tuition and fee payment, that include: Annually, quarterly, monthly or weekly.  Please contact our Business Manager, Sharon Mashaw (318-368-8890), for more information.

22  Is the admissions process complicated?

Not at all!  The first step would be to acquire admissions material, click here for our admissions checklist or call our office 318-368-8890. Then, schedule a visit with our Administrator by calling our office.  

23  What is taught in Bible classes?  How often is Bible?

24  What co-curricular or extra-curricular activities do you offer?

Athletics (Baseball, Basketball, Softball, Football, Cheer, Track and Field), Fishing Team, Choir, Band, Drama, Art.

25  Are you accredited?

Accredited by Mississippi Association of Independent Schools SAX (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools)

26  How can I find out more?

Please call the school at 318-368-8890 to find out more information about UCA.  We would love to answer any questions that you may have.  We, also, encourage you to follow us on Facebook.  This will give you a sense of the daily happenings at UCA.