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Admissions Process


How to Apply


UCA offers elementary and upper-elementary grades. Elementary is considered to be Pre-K3 through 3rd grade. Upper-elementary is 4th through 6th grades. In the UCA Pre-K and Kindergarten programs, classes are divided by age and appropriate developmental stages. A child is required to be 3 years old by September 30th and potty trained for enrollment into the Pre K program. Currently, we have 3 Pre-K classes and 1 Kindergarten class. Each class has a limited size, a certified teacher, and some classes have a teacher’s assistant. The Pre-K and Kindergarten curriculum includes classroom instruction, music (singing), Bible stories, structured physical education classes, age-appropriate playgrounds, weekly chapel assemblies, and frequent educational class field trips.

In upper elementary school, we provide a challenging curriculum designed to prepare students for our Middle School program. We offer a traditional scope and sequence focus and use a variety of curriculum, including Accelerated Reading  and Abeka. In addition to classroom instruction, students have Bible classes, weekly chapel assemblies, and frequent educational class field trips. We also have music programs, 4-H and Pee Wee Sports available.

Our Middle School Program consists of the 7th and 8th grade. Our curriculum is designed to transition students into a challenging college prep high school. While maintaining limited class sizes, students in Middle School change classes and may participate in school-sponsored athletic teams such as Football, Basketball, Baseball, Softball, Cheerleading, and Track and Field.  


Union Christian Academy is a college prep school. Our students take the TOPS core program.  We offer 45 hours of Dual Enrollment through Louisiana Tech University. 

Because we believe a well-rounded education goes beyond classroom instruction, extracurricular activities are strongly supported at UCA. Activities include: Spiritual Emphasis Week, ACT prep, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Track and Field, Softball, Cheerleading, national and local chaperoned trips, Job Shadowing, and College Days.

Each year our students take the Stanford Achievement Tests (SAT) standardized testing. This enables us to track individual student progress and maintain a national private school comparison. We do not teach Common Core.

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